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Discover the many ways you can become an advocate for a cause, a place, or a people group. Get involved. Transform lives. Change the world.



OneLife develops advocates for global causes. OneLife is committed to Jesus Christ and His global mission; using time, money, energy, skills, education, career, and every resource to share Christ and serve those in spiritual and physical need. OneLife will go anywhere, will do anything, and will not stop until His kingdom comes. OneLife gives missions a name, a face and a place. 

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  • PeopleGroups.org

    PeopleGroups.org provides the latest research for more than 11,000 people groups including maps, lists, photos and statistics. These resources are organized by affinity blocs, people clusters, religions, population, countries and progress of the Gospel status.

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  • Multiply Justice

    Multiply Justice! is a movement of people who understand that social justice begins with transformed hearts and minds. Governments can defend and promote justice, but justice is created by people in community. Changed hearts can change the world. 

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  • International Students Inc.

    International Students, Inc., shares Christ's love with international college students. Since 1953, ISI has been training Americans to meet international students' needs. These Americans befriend international students and help them adjust to American culture

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  • CompassionNet on Facebook

    CompassionNet is a prayer ministry of the International Mission Board

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