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mission projects

where is God leading you?

We want to mobilize and mentor this generation to passionately follow Jesus and discover their role in God’s mission. Where is God leading you?
Use the search filters below to find a project that matches your talents, passions, and calling.  Explore hundreds of opportunities around the world. Find a place where you can serve and apply today.

Contact us about student team opportunities: studentteam@imb.org.

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  • Walk with the people of far village

    Hands On

    The people of Far Village are very warm and hospitable. They have heard several stories and are asking very thought provoking questions about the Bible, but there are no believers in the village yet. Come and do life-on-life with them.
    Project ID:113226
    Country:Sub-Saharan Africa
    Date:8/8/2017 - 12/8/2017
    Length:123 Days

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  • Enter the Knight's Desert


    Will you go to the middle of the desert for the Gospel? Go meet a South Asian knight displaced from his family, culture and country. You will share hope with these men who are in need of hope! And begin basic discipleship to see reproducing churches.
    Project ID:113024
    Country:South Asia
    Date:1/1/2017 - 12/22/2017
    Length:12 Days

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  • Teaching as Mission Internship

    Study Abroad

    Are you a teacher? Do you want to impact the lives of your students for eternity? Come and use your teaching skills. Work as an English teacher and use your interactions with your students as an avenue for sharing the Gospel.
    Project ID:111454
    Country:East Asia
    Date:8/1/2015 - 12/21/2020
    Length:300 Days

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  • ESL Teacher and University Connector

    Hands On

    Teach English and reach the heart of one of the fastest growing cities in the world! ESL classes offered at our community center will connect you with young people from across our city and give you opportunities to share their lives and the gospel.
    Project ID:113224
    Country:Sub-Saharan Africa
    Date:8/8/2017 - 12/8/2017
    Length:123 Days

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  • Echelon Exploration Team

    Hands On

    Advancing the Kingdom in new places and with new people groups begins with exploration. Join the Echelon Exploration Team to discover the spiritual condition of unreached people groups.
    Project ID:113241
    Country:South Sudan
    Date:8/8/2017 - 12/8/2017
    Length:123 Days

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  • Chai-ing for the Lost

    Hands On

    Millions of women COMPLETELY UNREACHED-are you willing to do something about it? Go and make an eternal impact through evangelism, discipleship, and training. They will not know unless someone tells!
    Project ID:113038
    Country:South Asia
    Date:7/3/2017 - 12/15/2017
    Length:166 Days

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  • Slum of Hope


    Change one slum village at a time. Can you meet basic physical, educational and spiritual needs? Take the Gospel where it is needed.Be a strategic frontliner. Strengthen local believers' evangelism methods. You can make a difference.
    Project ID:113001
    Country:South Asia
    Date:1/1/2017 - 12/10/2017
    Length:10 Days

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  • Study Abroad Student Church Planter

    Study Abroad

    The goal is to carve an in-road to the Hamburg University, and begin reaching the 140,000 college students in Hamburg. We will partner with the Hamburg Project, a relatively new church plant in Hamburg for the purpose of planting churches on campus
    Project ID:111711
    Date:12/1/2015 - 6/1/2018
    Length:150 Days

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  • Water Filter & Evangelism Team


    Assist team in strategic goals of church planting, evangelism, English language & Baptist doctrine teaching in partnership with local Bible schools/seminaries.
    Project ID:112583
    Country:Southeast Asia
    Date:12/1/2016 - 12/30/2016
    Length:28 Days

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