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Endeavor: n. a great undertaking to achieve a goal.

Our Endeavor... For high school students to exalt Christ among the Nations at home and abroad.

Endeavor is an intensive 6-week international missions experience for high school students. Students will spend 1 week serving in New York City followed be 1 month serving with a small team in an international missions assignment in partnership with IMB missionaries. Endeavor teams will return to NYC at the end of their summer for a time of debriefing.

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an intensive 6-week international missions experience for high school students


Endeavor Basics

  • Training

    IMB offers training for high school students upon arrival on their mission field location. We also offer a variety of resources for student leaders to use in preparing and training their students to serve.
  • Overseas Assignment

    Summer 2017 Endeavor project locations
  • Teams and Leaders

    Endeavor is a discipleship and mentorship opportunity for students. Teams are lead by highly-qualified young adults who will invest in the students as they share their faith among the Nations.
  • Church Partnership Teams

    An opportunity for Churches to send their students to the places they are already working.

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