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Take a look at videos, stories, photos and resources designed to help you explore international mission service.

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  • A beautiful child looks up at a volunteer.
  • “Single girls in college can impact a husband and wife in a fishing village—by just bringing the Gospel, just being obedient,”
  • “Sharing life experiences is merely a starting point,” “From there, relationships explode.”
  • People gather to hear the Good News during the IWC Thailand project
  • A beautiful view from the IWC Thailand 2014 project
  • Children enjoy playing and singing with a volunteer missionary
  • A man enjoys his lunch
  • A young girl cooks outside her home
  • Crowded slums like this one are a common sight in Mumbai, India -- the world's third most populated city, according to worldatlas.com.
  • Following Luke 10's admonition to "eat what is set before you," a mission team in Mumbai, India, enjoyed a lunch of rice and vegetables provided by their host.
  • The truth of God is breaking the enemy's heavy chains, and lives are transforming and hearts are being renewed because of this love being discovered in the one true God.
  • The enemy has a stronghold over this country, but the Word of the Lord is rooted more firmly than any Veda Scripture or idol cemented into the ground.
  • Chinese student tells everyone the Good News.
  • “My husband thought I was crazy,” Isabel recounted. “Why would Americans come all the way up here [to the hills of Quirio] to visit my shack? I was afraid that I would not have the proper comforts.”
  • She said, “I dreamed that people would come in two groups of three to visit my home,” which is how they arrived.

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