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Featured International World Changers Projects

  • IWC Southeast Asia
    IWC Southeast Asia
  • IWC Romania Cluj
    IWC Romania Cluj
  • IWC Costa Rica Atenas
    IWC Costa Rica Atenas
  • IWC South Africa Prince Albert
    IWC South Africa Prince Albert

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About IWC

International World Changers provides student groups and individuals (high school & up) with a short-term missions experience in partnership with Southern Baptist missionaries across the globe to meet spiritual and physical needs.

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Taking a student group overseas on mission is challenging but very rewarding. Let IWC be your guide and smooth the way.

Going on your own as a student? Get your questions answered. Take the right steps. 

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IWC Network

The IWC Network offers a way for churches, campus ministries, and other student groups to adopt a project request from the field and conduct their own project. IWC provides support.