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About Deaf Peoples

182 People Groups with a combined population of 35,500,000

108 Unreached and Unengaged People Groups

6,210,000 Unreached and Unengaged People

Just imagine nearly 200 People Groups spread to every country, every town and every village on the planet. Most of the time, Deaf blend into the masses. No one sees them. No one befriends them. No one shares the Truth with them. Most Deaf have never seen a Bible story signed in their heart language. Most Deaf have never had anyone explain the Gospel to them. Most have no access to Scriptures. Students can make a huge impact among Deaf people. Whether you know American Sign Language or not, YOU CAN learn to share the Truth through drama, art and other means with Deaf, who desperately want to know Jesus. Our vision is to ensure that every Deaf person on the planet has the opportunity to see the Gospel signed in their heart language, to make disciples of Deaf people, to equip them to make disciples of other Deaf peoples and plant Deaf lead churches among every Deaf People Group. God is calling people into one of the least evangelized groups of people on Earth. Is HE calling YOU?