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About European Peoples

873 People Groups with a combined population of 812,150,000

423 Unreached and Unengaged People Groups

17,900,000 Unreached and Unengaged People

The European Affinity Group encircles the world. The geography of the affinity includes Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Canada and Australia. Some of these people come from countries that have less than half of 1 percent that are considered Evangelicals. Many of the countries that are represented by this affinity have very ornate and beautiful churches that sit empty on Sundays and have become cultural museums. Europeans both East and West think of themselves as being enlightened and post Christian. In reality it is a very dark place. Our mission is to bring Christ’s light to a people who are blind and walking in darkness. We want everyone to have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel message. To shine like stars in the sky as we hold out the Word of God. To make disciples of people whose God is materialism and whose church is the shopping mall.