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  • Syrian Children at Risk of Exploitation

    Each day I ask myself how I am to respond to this ongoing crisis, how I am to respond to the great need seen among the children, the women, and the men around me.

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  • 4 Facts About The Harvest

    Throughout the world there are millions of willing hearts waiting for a harvester to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. You do the math. This isn’t rocket science. Will you become a harvester?

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  • Top 10 International Travel Mistakes

    International travel can be challenging, stressful and even dangerous. It can also be very rewarding. You can make the most of your travel experience by avoiding some common mistakes.

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  • God in Greece

    Each life lived is a story being told. As the illegal immigrant population grows in Greece’s capital, charities become the only ear to migrants’ stories, as they share hope of another story.

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  • Students give out first Arabic Bibles

    Saudi Arabian in Southeast Asia receives an Arabic Bible.

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  • Short-term students have long-term strategy
  • Egyptian Copts
  • Egyptian Berber
  • Egypt: Last Stop
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Alexandria Egypt
  • Difference Makers
  • 100 People
  • Dreams
  • Make a Change

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