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  • “[Education] is important because it’s part of my right,” said Olwethu, a 12-year-old girl in the seventh grade at Mzamomhle. “Because when I grow up, I want to be something, and you cannot be something in life [if] you didn’t study.”
  • “Working with other people that had the same condition or history as me, I think it will help even when speaking to them … because it’s not only me who had a horrible past.”
  • “My lifestyle was not good at all, and I didn’t enjoy being myself,” he said. “But after choosing Christ, it’s like there’s a new me..."
  • International World Changers participant Jessica Berry (name changed), 18, from Living Proof Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Va., ministered to girls in South Africa while crafting beaded necklaces, painting nails and teaching about God through dance.
  • International World Changers leaders (left to right) Fred "Chip" Luter III, Maina Mwaura, Darrell Hall and Kenny Felix attend a Sunday morning worship service at Klein Karoo Baptist Church in Bongolethu, South Africa.
  • Spurred to serve

    Christs love spurs bitter South African man to serve others.

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  • More than a project: how the IWC Network multiplies partnership

    What can happen when churches and student ministries take ownership of the mission?

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  • Texan missionaries in West Africa

    Adjusting to daily life in West Africa.

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  • A Taste of Heaven, African Style

    In the IWC Prince Albert project, students of various nationalities come together to serve, worship, and evangelize.

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  • 4 Facts About The Harvest

    Throughout the world there are millions of willing hearts waiting for a harvester to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. You do the math. This isn’t rocket science. Will you become a harvester?

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  • Top 10 International Travel Mistakes

    International travel can be challenging, stressful and even dangerous. It can also be very rewarding. You can make the most of your travel experience by avoiding some common mistakes.

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  • Ready for anything

    One of Luter’s students, Daniel Harris,* pointed out that it takes getting out of your comfort zone to really understand what God wants you to do. “… It pulls your heart strings, and it just makes you open. It makes you ready for anything that God has in store for you.”

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  • Why go so far?

    For children in the impoverished community of Bongolethu, South Africa, hunger and abuse are all too common. In this neighborhood, 24 American students partnered with 33 South Africans for an IWC project. The love these children received from the IWCers drew them in hordes.

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  • One neighborhood of problems

    Jesus - the only hope of Chesterville.

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