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About Sub-Sahara African Peoples

2,598 People Groups with a combined population of 768,190,000

477 Unreached and Unengaged People Groups

23,620,000 Unreached and Unengaged People

Silence exists among the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa for many reasons. Many live in isolated and hard-to-reach places like rugged mountains, harsh deserts and muggy forests. Some are held in bondage to traditional beliefs and false teachings. Our vision is to “shatter the silence” – to see a multitude from every language, tribe, people and nation of Sub-Saharan Africa knowing and worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ. Through passionate prayer, evangelism, discipleship and church planting, we strive to ensure that every person of Sub-Saharan Africa has the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel message in a way they can understand.