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first priority

Spiritual preparation is the most important aspect of your missionary assignment. Without it you will certainly be unprepared for many of the stressful situations that will arise during your ministry. 

Before and during your assignment it is essential to spend time with God both alone and with your ministry team. Seek His wisdom and strength. Acknowledge His power and authority. Ask for His direction and guidance as you share the Good News of His forgiveness and salvation.



All missionary work begins with prayer. Prayer softens the hearts of people and helps us be sensitive to God's guidance as He directs us to those who need to hear the good news. Prayer is key to the effectiveness of any assignment.

31 Day Prayer Guide 

Prayer Strategy

Praying For Cross-Cultural Workers



 A missionary's primary goal is to share the gospel with those who have never heard. This resource will help you as you prepare to serve.

Creation to Christ

people groups

Student missionaries are often assigned to share Christ with a people group. A people group is a large grouping of peoples with similar culture, language, and history. You may use these resources to learn about and pray for a specific people group.