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how do I get there?

Travel arrangements vary by project. IMB Students strongly encourages students to use our recommended travel agent for all student travel. Some projects require students to use the travel agent in order that arrivals and departures can be coordinated. Most students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and the cost of this travel is NOT included in the the price on the project request. 

passport and visa

Acquiring a passport is the first step in preparation for international travel. Some countries also require a visa in order to enter the country. This document, (usually a sticker or stamp in your passport) is obtained through the country’s consulate office in the United States. Our travel agent will help you acquire a visa or will give you further instructions about what to do if your country of service requires a visa. 


All students should have completed all their childhood immunizations and have current Tetanus and Hepatitis–A immunizations. Check your project request and the Center for Disease Control website for recommended and required immunizations for your country. 


All students are required to obtain comprehensive insurance through Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services. Registration information is given to students when they are assigned to a project. There is a special IMB Students price for this insurance so make sure to mention you are serving with IMB and have your project# available. Payment is made directly to Gallagher at the time of registration.