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Overseas Assignment

IMB Teams

Fusion teams serve under the leadership and direction of long-term IMB missionaries. This ensures that the work of the Fusion students is strategic and sustainable. It allows for mentorship relationships to form between students and missionaries as candidates learn from seasoned practitioners in International Church Planting. The infrastructure of the IMB also provides students with support to handle logistical needs, cope with security threats, and respond to emergency situations in practical and effective ways.

Types of Fusion Projects

In the past few years, Fusion teams have served in a variety of ways all over the world.

Here are a few examples of possible Fusion projects:

  • Church planting trainings in South Asia
  • Humanitarian aid and community development in Eastern Europe
  • Language study in North Africa
  • Adventure tourism in the Middle East
  • Backpacking to unreached people groups in South Asia
  • Rock Climbing in Central Asia
  • Relational evangelism and church planting in indigenous villages of South America
  • Teaching English in the Middle East

Though the day-to-day task is unique for each team, all Fusion participants go with the ultimate purpose of making disciples among the nations.

Team Selection and Placement.

During the initial training weeks of Fusion (Ground School), candidates are placed in cohorts with an advocate and the teams learn about their overseas assignment (location, task, language, etc). Cohorts spend the fall semester training together in the spring. Great care is taken in placing students on teams and many factors are carefully considered including the personality, gifting, skills, and student preferences.