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Spiritual Development

Life-On-Life Discipleship

At the beginning of the year, Fusion candidates are placed on small teams, called cohorts, with an advocate. These cohorts train together during the Fall and then travel together in the spring to their overseas assignment. The cohorts are the main vehicle through which regular Bible Study, Accountability, and Spiritual Growth happens.

Church Partnerships

Fusion cohorts partner with local churches for the purpose of discipleship and outreach. As candidates learn to be biblical adults, they also become healthy church-members.

Church Planting

Candidates are taught church planting principles through academic coursework and practical experiences. They learn to share their faith among unreached peoples and gather new believers into groups for the purpose of establishing reproducing churches.

Christian Leadership

Candidates learn to competently communicate and faithfully follow the Word of God.


Fusion cohorts are led by young adults, called advocates, who disciple the students throughout the year and guide them as they grow in their spiritual maturity and responsibility. Advocates mentor students and hold them accountable in many different areas of their lives.