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About Fusion

Fusion is an IMB Students project for college students at Midwestern Baptist College. It is a one year process that includes a semester of intentional training and a semester of international missions. Fusion candidates are undergraduate students at Midwestern Baptist College in Kansas City, MO. The entire process fulfills roughly ¼ of the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts, Christian Ministry (Missions Focus) & Second Major degree program. Fusion releases biblical adults who are committed to a lifetime of making disciples for the glory of God.


The Fusion Process

  • Spiritual Development

    Throughout the Fusion Process, Fusion candidates are taught the truth of the Gospel and are shown how to live in response to that truth.
  • Training and Preparation

    The Fusion process includes a series of practical training initiatives to help candidates prepare for their overseas service and for life as a biblical adult.
  • Academics

    Fusion candidates are enrolled as students at Midwestern College in Kansas City, MO. Students earn a full year of college credit as part of a Bachelor’s of Arts degree program.
  • Overseas Assignment

    During the Spring semester, Fusion cohorts travel to an overseas assignment where they spend 4 months serving among the least-reached people in partnership with an existing IMB mission team.
  • Global Disciplemaking

    Fusion releases biblical adults to live a lifestyle of global engagement and to lead in the transcendent cause of making disciples of all nations.

Midwestern College

 For the most up-to-date information about Fusion, visit Midwestern College online.


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