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The missions mindset does not come easy.

You may need help to understand God's call to missions and share it with others. 




This Is Why Student Missions Resource

Tackle the basic questions of why we call it the "Good News," why we evangelize and make disciples, and why we send missionaries to hard places. Here are six group sessions and six weeks of devotions that introduce students to the critical fundamentals of missions. Also is a chapter on the "how-to's" of putting together an international mission trip. Download the PDF for free here.

All these materials, including the daily devotions, are available in the IMB Students MY MISSION app. Available for free download for Android and Apple and Windows.


Abandon Student Missions Resource

What does it mean to be "abandoned" to God and His mission? Here are six group studies, six weeks of devotions, and even six worship experiences around the idea of students abandoning themselves to the mission of God. Download the PDF for free here.



Tag! You're It! Commit!

Try this series of tag game-based simulations to teach your students about how the gospel multiplies and the challenges of witnessing cross-culturally.

Download a copy here.



Group leader!  plan and conduct a discovery meeting to recruit your participants

The IWC Network provides a meeting plan to promote your student mission project and recruit participants. We advise conducting this meeting as far in advance of the project as possible and no later than six months before.

Download a discovery meeting session here.

Creation to Christ

IWC has developed a student version of Creation to Christ on a bandanna (storying cloth) as well as artwork for download to use as you wish. IWC project participants receive the bandanna to help them as needed in sharing the Gospel.

These bandannas are now available at cost from IMB's contact center. Click here for information.


  • Watch students share the Creation to Christ presentation...twelve stories in a little more than six minutes! Video is available for download here.
  • Download a PowerPoint presentation of the Creation to Christ images for teaching and training. 
  • Click here for a PDF of the detailed outline.
  • Want to use our Creation to Christ artwork in your own materials? IWC provides these free with the stipulation that they not be sold or used in a marketed product without prior permission from the International Mission Board. Download the artwork in this zip file.


free group preparation guides

We have several editions of IWC group preparation materials. These can provide you with a wealth of wisdom in preparing your group spiritually, culturally, and financially. Each is also based on a theme with artwork.

...and student devotion guides

why go? the biblical basis for missions

Make use of these free resources: 


promotional helps: IWC artwork, poster and ads

Click to download full versions of these items as needed: