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Creative Access

Creative Access helps you enter a culture that is closed to outsiders’ attempts to directly bring the Gospel to its people or is legally hesitant to allow an outsider to take up residence. Creative Access helps you get your foot in the door. Examples would be ESL training, sports, community development, business opportunities, etc.

Story from a Former Journeyman

Serving athletes in Asia was the best experience of my life! Can you imagine using your ability and love of sports to serve the Lord?! A typical day began with language study in the morning then was followed by a day of investing in people - usually on the basketball courts or in the gym working out together - as well as studying the Word with believers and non-believers alike. I would also attend competitions of various sports with the purpose of meeting the athletes competing. I enjoyed visiting my friends in their dorms, opening my home to them, and sharing meals together. Eating meals together provided a natural setting for sharing about the Good News of Jesus Christ! One of my highlights was co-leading short term mission trips with nationals to other parts of Asia and walking alongside the local brothers and sisters on mission to take the Good News to the ends of the Earth!