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Church Planting Strategist

A primary part of this job assignment is to be a catalyst for a church planting movement among peoples living in a target area. New churches and new believers must be involved in starting new churches from the beginning. This person will be the vision strategist for the engagement and mobilization of these peoples. They will model, train and mentor others in the best practices and principles of planting healthy and reproducing churches. The strategist filling this assignment will need to be diligent in learning and be open to new concepts. They will need to be aggressive in continually seeking the Lord's direction for how to best utilize the resources of not only IMB, but also other Great Commission Christians. 

Story from a Former Journeyman

I worked among the Deaf for two years. Because they are a Storying people group, I spent the first 6 months of my Journeyman term learning the sign language of this country. My partner and I traveled to different parts of the city, country, and region, building relationships with Deaf friends by drinking tea/coffee, sharing meals, and going on outings, all the while searching for opportunities to share God’s Stories in the heart language of those we met.

Story from a Former Journeyman

Basically my job description was church planting/evangelism. The people live very isolated lifestyles in the mountains so my task was 1) trek the mountains to scout where they lived and document it on a map 2) begin building relationships and sharing the gospel. I lived in a very modern city and would travel 8 hrs every other week out to the mountains. The weeks I stayed in the city I would connect with local college students and make friends that way. During the summer and winter months I was in the mountains 2-3 months at a time leading volunteer teams. It all sounds really adventurous and exciting and in a lot of ways it was, but it was more challenging and difficult then anything I've ever done. Most days were lonely and tough. But I still wouldn't trade how God grew me for all the easy days in the USA.