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Support Roles

Eighty percent of your time will utilize your giftedness and expertise to do financial and logistical tasks that free the rest of the Strategy missionary force to evangelize/disciple/train with 100 percent of their time. Support Role missionaries will spend at least 20 percent of their time Evangelizing/Disciplining/Training new believers to see a multitude from every language, tribe, people and nation have opportunity to know and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. All field personnel, whether they spend the majority of their time in support related service or evangelism and church planting ministries, are important, are needed, and are missionaries.

Story from a Former Journeyman

As a Journeyman there are a number of different opportunities for serving. Some of these roles are strategy and some are support. One of my roles was a support role in the area of homeschool education for third culture kids (TCKS). Monday through Friday I started my day teaching around 8:30 a.m. and ended around 3:30 p.m., but there were also other hours in the day devoted to my students and to the preparation of their lessons. Although I did not always get to invest in the local people, I will tell you first hand that I know my role as a teacher was vital to the work of the families I was serving. It was vital for the kingdom work, and it gave career missionaries more time and opportunities to invest in local people. I also know that part of my role was to really love on the TCKS I worked with and to be there for them in whatever capacity. I would not trade my experience for anything!

Story from a Former Journeyman

A typical day for me was never typical, ordinary or routine. For me each day began and ended with the great significance of what God was doing to grow me. That I was able to be apart of His work among a people that He died for. Listening, learning and praying on public transit. Meeting friends over cups of steaming tea and reading from the word of God. Fumbling with limited language to share simply that I lived the way I do because of Christ in my life. Spending time in villages with my friends and sharing stories of Jesus’s life with their families. Staying late after English class to chat through topics like the Trinity and the justice of God. Serving outside my typical gifting and watching God grow me into the new task. My goal was to live as Christ in a city that does not serve Him, to meet people where they were and invite them along on a journey. Yet the journey changed me most of all.