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You will initiate a strategy of sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard, using a variety of methodologies appropriate for the specific people group, i.e. Chronological Bible Storying. Your primary task is to find people who are open and receptive to the Gospel, and stay with them, leading them to place their faith in Christ. You will teach them from the very beginning to share Jesus with their family and friends, guiding them in how to share and how to pray for others.

Story from a Former Journeyman

Lesotho is a relatively unknown country in Sub-Saharan Africa full of people who have no relationship with Jesus Christ. During my Journeyman term, I lived beyond the reach of roads and telephone signal, in a village among native people. Our only access to the village was by plane, and my teammate and I were the first foreigners ever to live in this part of the country. Our purpose was to preach the Gospel, make disciples and plant churches in multiple villages. We attempted this feat by prayer walking through each village, going house to house teaching Bible stories and praying for the people living in each house. Responses ranged from disinterest to hours of discussing Biblical truths. Eventually the main focus of our ministry turned to discipling one man who truly followed Jesus and desired for others to hear the gospel. We would spend hours each week in intense study, but at other times we would simply do life together and hang out. Life there was cyclical. There were days of walking and teaching for the whole day and other times that we were confined to our hut all day long. At the end, there is now a strong, believing man spreading the gospel in places that have never heard. For that we praise God.

Story from a Former Journeyman

I got to serve in a new, unreached city in Southeast Asia. My partner and I were in charge of sharing the Good News, establishing relationships, and teaching/disciplining believers, hopefully establishing a foundation for future work. Every day, we found ways to meet new people and hang out with old contacts. English clubs, basketball courts, shops, universities, and parks were all pools for establishing relationships. We spent a lot of time meeting over coffee or tea, getting to know new people and sharing the gospel with them. We also spent a lot of time studying the Bible with new believers and teaching them what it looked like to follow Christ boldly. A career couple is now picking up where we left off.