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University Ministry

As a part of the university team, you will seek to use all the resources that God has put at your disposal to engage your campus with the gospel in such a way as to result in transformed lives that will lead to a transformed society.

Story from a Former Journeyman

While serving in the Philippines I volunteered at a local university as a conversational English teacher. The English classes were made available to the students, and I began building relationships with Filipinos through the means of education. I would go to school each morning, and most of my day would be spent either teaching English classes or sharing the gospel with the students at the university. Those who expressed interest in hearing more, I would invite to my apartment to study the Bible. As students became believers, they were baptized and would meet regularly in my home for worship, prayer, accountability and fellowship. Since the typical Filipino does not stay in the Philippines, but rather finds work after graduation in another country in hopes of raising the socioeconomic status of his/her family, the strategy of making disciples of college students in the Philippines has great potential. One of the Filipina girls who came to know the Lord is now in a neighboring country which is unwelcome to white missionaries, but will not look with suspicion at a Filipina girl who has come to work. She is now working and praying for chances to be bold and intentional with the gospel.

Story from a Former Journeyman

A typical day for me consisted of going to the university where I worked in the morning and talking with students/working through projects that I was doing there. I typically had lunch with local friends and then in the afternoon I finished up any remaining project work for the day and had friends over to my house for tea and conversation. We would sometimes play cricket or badminton or frisbee together and often we went out to eat in the evening and hung out at each other's home. We talked about all sorts of things. Spiritual conversations were easy to have because religion dominates their life. It was easy to bring up, but it was extremely difficult to have "on-going" spiritual conversations with people. Most people tuned us out after finding out that we were Followers of Christ, but there were some that we found through prayer and discernment who were willing to go deeper and wanted to read the Word together.