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Journeyman Application Process

The Journeyman program is fully supported by the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  A Journeyman is expected to be highly independent, responsible, and competent in his or her ability to mobilize, evangelize, and disciple.


  • A sense of God’s leadership 
  • Emotional, physical and spiritual health 
  • 21-26 years old
  • Currently a baptized member of a Southern Baptist church  
  • Single or married with no children (must be married one year prior to deployment)
  • Citizen or permanent resident of the United States 
  • Completion of an accredited bachelor’s degree prior to orientation 
  • Willingness to commit to a two-year assignment 
  • Commitment to evangelism 
  • A growing Christian faith 
  • Ability to clear your calendar for a four-day conference in Richmond

application process

exploration step
Start the entire application process by filling out an Information Form online.  This will be followed by a short phone interview with a Personnel Consultant.

applicant step
This part of the process takes the longest because of the time needed to complete all the forms.  Included in this step is a health questionnaire, references, and a few written documents such as a belief statement and an autobiography.

missions expo conference
Upon invitation, a Journeyman will fly to Virginia to participate in a four day Expo Conference. The purpose of this conference is to learn IMB strategy and operations, be interviewed by IMB personnel, and explore and choose three job preferences.

approval step

Once cleared, Strategic Deployment Personnel will finalize job placement and notify Journeyman.  If approved to be a Journeyman, an 8 week orientation will start the two year Journeyman term.