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  • Sally was just a regular kid that grew up with a missions heart.
  • Most people in Mozambique live near the ocean or near rivers. They catch fish to feed their villages.
  • People in the villages of Mozambique life a hard life. They work hard to provide for their families.
  • Two boys learn to pray at Sunday School in Mozambique.
  • Sally stayed in Mozambique for two years, telling the children there about Jesus. She has been able to serve God her whole life and today is ready to go wherever God sends her.
  • Wherever they live, Korean Christians are known for their passion for their faith.
  • Tessa King joins village church members as they share the Gospel through Bible stories in southwest Madagascar.
  • Tessa King enjoys some time with Malagasy children in their school room.
  • College graduate abandons plans in obedience to God’s call.
  • On the streets in China.
  • Himalaya hikers push through tough conditions for the unreached.
  • A team of IMB workers hike to a Buddhist festival in the Himalayas.
  • Aaron Juergens* and Will Craig* enter a village in the Himalayan Mountains. With GPS units, the extreme ministry team maps the trails and finds villages.
  • The highest mountains in the world present unique challenges for Christians hoping to reach these villages with the Gospel.
  • Reading and Studying God's Word by candle light.

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