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what is a journeyman?

A Journeyman is a worker who learns a skill from a tradesman. No longer a trainee, the journeyman sharpens those skills that will later allow him or her to take on greater responsibility. With that in mind, the Journeyman Program provides recent college graduates a way to work with career missionaries to learn the "tools of the trade."

Since its start, hundreds of returned Journeymen have been later appointed as Career missionaries. In recent years, more than 35 percent of all IMB Career missionaries have previously served through the Journeyman or ISC programs!

During the application process, you will be given the opportunity to review and choose from a wide variety of job requests. Below are several general job explanations that may be helpful as you consider Journeyman service overseas.

sample journeyman assignments:

Creative Access

Creative Access helps you enter a culture that is closed to outsiders’ attempts to directly bring the Gospel to its people or is legally hesitant to allow an outsider to take up residence. Creative Access helps you get your foot in the door. Examples would be ESL training, sports, community development, business opportunities, etc.

University Ministry

As a part of the university team, you will seek to use all the resources that God has put at your disposal to engage your campus with the gospel in such a way as to result in transformed lives that will lead to a transformed society.


You will initiate a strategy of sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard, using a variety of methodologies appropriate for the specific people group, i.e. Chronological Bible Storying. Your primary task is to find people who are open and receptive to the Gospel, and stay with them, leading them to place their faith in Christ. You will teach them from the very beginning to share Jesus with their family and friends, guiding them in how to share and how to pray for others.

Support Roles

Eighty percent of your time will utilize your giftedness and expertise to do financial and logistical tasks that free the rest of the Strategy missionary force to evangelize/disciple/train with 100 percent of their time. Support Role missionaries will spend at least 20 percent of their time Evangelizing/Disciplining/Training new believers to see a multitude from every language, tribe, people and nation have opportunity to know and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. All field personnel, whether they spend the majority of their time in support related service or evangelism and church planting ministries, are important, are needed, and are missionaries.

Church Planting Strategist

A primary part of this job assignment is to be a catalyst for a church planting movement among peoples living in a target area. New churches and new believers must be involved in starting new churches from the beginning. This person will be the vision strategist for the engagement and mobilization of these peoples. They will model, train and mentor others in the best practices and principles of planting healthy and reproducing churches. The strategist filling this assignment will need to be diligent in learning and be open to new concepts. They will need to be aggressive in continually seeking the Lord's direction for how to best utilize the resources of not only IMB, but also other Great Commission Christians.