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Students’ perspectives change as they look beyond themselves

Looking for ways to serve God but not sure if you have something to offer?

Have you ever considered teaching surfing in Southeast Asia? What about hosting Christmas parties for university students in China? If music is your thing, how about playing in festivals in Senegal?

These are just a few ways students are sharing their lives and the Word of God with their contemporaries around the world.

More than 3,000 students headed overseas this past year to work, play, sing, share, learn, love and grow in their faith. They saw people who had previously never heard of Jesus come to faith and be baptized. Their worldview was altered as they experienced the cheerful hospitality of people who have next to nothing.. They overcame language barriers by presenting dramatic presentations of Bible stories. They danced with ballet students in Moscow and hosted English camps in Thailand while sharing their own testimonies and culture.

Students also experienced using a squatty potty. They endured 120-degree weather. They battled huge cockroaches. They put in long days. They faced many difficulties. But they also embraced success. Imagine the joy of restoring water access to 1,200 villages in India by repairing broken water pump handles.